Young, Fun, Sexy, Hot

We kicked off the 77th Annual Gamma Phi Beta Convention with an amazing talk by Ron Clark. He’s a wonderful educator with a passion for spicing things up in the classroom. Here’s a little clip from the Ron Clark Academy YouTube page that tells you a little more about his story and that of the Ron Clark Academy.

Here are a few of my takeaways from his highly energetic (dancing on tables, hilarious, running up and down aisles, rapping, laughing) presentation. While his main focus in on teaching, this model can be used to support a successful business of any kind!

  • Create a learning (and working) environment that is young, fun, sexy and hot.  Be open to change, and keep things exciting!
  • Go through life being the person who doesn’t think (don’t think about what others are thinking of you AND do what feels right to you)
  • When you’re being negative… Nobody likes you!
  • Negativity breeds negativity
  • Hold others AND yourself accountable to meet high expectations
  • Everyone should follow The Essential 55 manners
  • If your boss calls you out on something, don’t give an excuse!  The only thing they want to hear (and the only thing you should say) is I’m sorry, that will never happen again ma’am/sir.
  • Stop coddling kids and not every kid needs a trophy or rainbow colored ribbon (flashback to gymnastics competitions)
  • If a child (or anyone) does something great, tell them exactly what they did well… Actions!
  • In a group discussion every idea gets 15 minutes (no matter how absurd it is!), then re-evaluate the entire situation
  • Never trust someone with a bundt cake as they often work to create a posse of poison
  • If you constantly take negativity home with you everyday eventually your spouse will burst… or LEAVE!
  • Be positive
  • If you’re in a bad mood when you prepare food for others, the food will make people sick (energy transfer anyone?)

Last but not least, he started this whole conversation by saying

“if you get that feeling in your heart, you’ve gotta do it!”

That couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for me. I briefly told Ron about me leaving my job to start my own company and he said it was meant to be! Just another clue that I’m doing what I’m meant to do and that is to help you (and help myself in the process). Thank you, Universe, for continuing to send these positive reinforcements.  I’m looking forward to diving into Move Your Bus!

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